Crossing the research and policy gap

Good research is vital for creating quality public policy and programs, but this research is not always available to public managers in an accessible format.

Researchers and the public sector should be natural partners in this process, but in practice, the gap between them can often be wide.

ANZSOG’s new research translation series, The Bridge, is a project designed to bridge the gap between the research work of academics and the policy work of public managers by providing access to visible and accessible high-quality research.

The Bridge aims to:

  • improve the uptake of research by the public sector
  • strengthen engagement between academic researchers and policymakers
  • and allow research with a practical application to reach a wider audience.

The Bridge is emailed fortnightly to thousands of engaged readers, including public servants and academics, in Australia, New Zealand and globally. It centres around a Research Brief which distills academic research into an easy-to-read format and will be complemented by other insights into public policy and management.

The Bridge is compiled and curated by Maria Katsonis – a former senior Victorian public servant with more than 20 years’ experience who is now a Public Policy Fellow at the University of Melbourne. Maria’s insights are vital to The Bridge, bringing a practitioner’s perspective to academic research. She was previously the curator of The Drop – a joint project between ANZSOG and The Mandarin.

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Read The Bridge’s Research Briefs below:


Policy labs – The next frontier?

Published Date: 08 September 2020
Policy labs have emerged globally with a mission to support public policy development through innovative solutions. However, it is unclear to w...


Royal commissions and policy influence

Published Date: 26 August 2020
While the outcomes of a royal commission can significantly shape the direction of public policy, they can also miss opportunities to influ...


The dark side of public innovation

Published Date: 11 August 2020
The positive outcomes of innovation are well known but the dark side of public innovation has received less attention. What is the dark side an...


Backing what works? Social impact bonds and evidence-informed policy and practice

Published Date: 28 July 2020
Globally, governments are exploring new ways of procuring public services to improve effectiveness and efficiency. A high-profile example of th...


Has New Public Management improved public services?

Published Date: 15 July 2020
Tweet New Public Management reforms have been accused of importing practices from the private sector that could collide with core public service...


Pandemic leadership: Lessons from New Zealand’s approach to COVID-19

Published Date: 01 July 2020
Tweet The nature of the COVID-19 pandemic poses dramatic and unprecedented disruptions to established ways of managing lives, organisa...


The risks and rewards of public investments

Published Date: 16 June 2020
Tweet What is the role of the state in investing in innovation? Is it purely about fixing market failure or can the state play a more entreprene...


More ethical, more innovative? The effects of ethical culture and ethical leadership on innovation

Published Date: 02 June 2020
Tweet Are ethical public sector organisations more or less likely to be innovative? Despite mushrooming scholarly research into public sector et...


Understanding prevention and early intervention in public policy

Published Date: 19 May 2020
They say “prevention is better than cure”. By intervening early in people’s lives, policymakers can more effectively address policy problems. Ho...


Agile: a new way of governing

Published Date: 06 May 2020
As a practice, ‘agility’ has fundamentally changed core aspects of project management, business processes and software design. This agile approach...


What can the policy sciences tell us about COVID-19?

Published Date: 22 April 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic is urgent, global in scale and massive in impact. What insights can the policy sciences provide about the dynamics of COVID-19? ...


Accounting for ‘dis/value’: challenging the assumptions behind public value

Published Date: 07 April 2020
For public service managers and policymakers, delivering public value has become central to the design and delivery of policies and programs. But the ...