Reimagining government: ANZSOG and Centre for Public Impact launch webinar series

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  • Published Date: 20 May 2020

ANZSOG’s will partner with global thinktank, the Centre for Public Impact to present a series of seven interactive webinars aimed at reimagining our models of government for the COVID-19 world and beyond.

The series, which is a part of ANZSOG’s Thought Leadership program, will bring together senior practitioners, academics, and leading thinkers from across the globe to explore a new vision for government based on the ‘enablement paradigm’ – a view that sees the role of government as creating the conditions that lead to good outcomes for society.

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of governments as the only actor capable of coordinating a society-wide response to a crisis. It has also shown that politics and governments had remained structured in ways that reflect the values and mindset of an industrial era, when the world looked very different to what it does now.

Adrian Brown, CEO of Centre for Public Impact has the shift to the enablement paradigm as a shift away from direct government control and management.

“Rather than envisaging the world as a giant machine to be optimised, an enablement mindset says that our job in government is to help create the conditions from which good outcomes are more likely to emerge,” he said.

How we change the way our governments work as a response to COVID-19 will influence our ability to tackle other complex issues and rebuild our economies.

These seminars will explore a vision of government founded on three core beliefs:

  • most of the challenges we face as a society are complex
  • the quality of human relationships matters a great deal
  • progress is best achieved through experimentation and learning.

This series will be more than an opportunity to listen to leading thinkers; it is an invitation to contribute to shaping a new vision for government. Each webinar will be highly interactive and will provide participants with ample opportunity to contribute their views.

ANZSOG Vice President, Thought Leadership, Gill Callister said that the series was a chance for public managers to use this watershed moment to reflect on their work and opportunities for change.

“Public services across the world are dealing with a rolling crisis which has created unprecedented health, social and economic policy challenges. 

“Public servants need to try and see their way clear - even briefly - to take some time to reflect on the structures and processes of public administration so that they are fit for purpose to enable stronger societies to emerge from this pandemic.

“These webinars will be a chance for public managers to do exactly that.”

The first webinar on 21 May, featuring Thea Snow from the CPI’s Australia and New Zealand office, former Australian Public Service head Terry Moran, and ANZSOG’s Professor Catherine Althaus - will introduce the ‘enablement paradigm’.

Further webinars will explore issues including systems thinking, sharing power and leading with humility.

Find out more about the webinar series at the Reimagining Government landing page.