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How ANZSOG has lifted the capability of Tasmania’s Senior Executive Service

  • Published Date: 24 May 2018
Tasmania is a small jurisdiction which is working to lift the capability of its officers in the Senior Executive Service (SES).  ANZSOG worked with Tasmania’s State Service Management Office (...
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Can Australia and the EU overcome indifference and hit the right notes on trade?

  • Published Date: 22 May 2018
By Dr Lachlan McKenzie  For decades the chances of a substantive trade agreement between Australia and the European Union have been about the same as an Australian winning the Eurovision song co...
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NZ Budget 2018: Ardern Government adopts investment approach to reach social outcomes 

  • Published Date: 22 May 2018
By Professor Michael Mintrom. This article first appeared on The Conversation website New Zealand’s Labour-led coalition government has used its first budget to drive step changes in social and env...
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How place-based leadership can deliver innovative policy

  • Published Date: 21 May 2018
Good leaders are driven by a clear purpose, work collaboratively and instinctively understand the importance of place, says leadership expert Professor Brad Jackson. This kind of leadership is becomi...
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Big G and small g: Understanding gender and its relationship to family violence

  • Published Date: 11 May 2018
ANZSOG's Sophie Yates’ gender research recently won the Osborne Best Paper Award for the best paper by a new researcher at the International Research Society for Public Management’s 2018 Conferenc...
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ABS, 2016 Census and the same-sex marriage survey: an insider’s look at lessons learned

  • Published Date: 08 May 2018
The Australian same-sex marriage survey was the centrepiece of one of the hottest debates in Australian politics in 2017, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics was tasked with its execution. The Co...
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Why evaluation matters: five mistakes to avoid when starting a new program

  • Published Date: 07 May 2018
Evaluation is a crucial part of any government program, and a requirement for evidence-based policy, however many organisations do not understand the value of a good evaluation process. Dr George Arg...

Opening Government

Format: ANU Press Monograph
Published Date: 30 April 2018
Summary Transparency and citizen engagement remain essential to good government and sound public policy. Indeed, they may well be the key to restoring trust in government itself, currently at an all-...
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ANZSOG’s Professor John Wanna edits new book exploring better governance in the information age

  • Published Date: 27 April 2018
The growth of data has meant governments are able to collect more information on their populations than ever before, but are they using that to increase transparency and good governance? A new book,&...
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What’s the best way to help hospital patients quit smoking?

  • Authors: Zoe Kopsaftis
  • Published Date: 24 April 2018
ANZSOG’s research program addresses key issues in public administration and policy. In the latest issue of our Evidence Base journal, Zoe Kopsaftis and colleagues review the evidence for how we can ...
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Restoring public trust in government: Ken Smith

  • Published Date: 18 April 2018
By Professor Ken Smith, Australia New Zealand School of Government Dean and CEO The current focus on the day-to-day minutiae of scandals in government (real or imagined) can blur the fact that declin...
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ANZSOG’s Sophie Yates’ gender research wins international award

  • Published Date: 18 April 2018
ANZSOG Research Fellow Sophie Yates has won the Osborne Best Paper Award for the best paper by a new researcher at the International Research Society for Public Management’s 2018 Conference in Edinb...