The role of middle managers in progressing gender equity in the public sector

  • Authors: Sue Williamson, Linda Colley, Meraiah Foley, and Rae Cooper
  • Format: Report
  • Published Date: 01 August 2018


Drawing on the experiences and knowledge of almost 300 managers in four public sector jurisdictions, this report examines the role that middle managers play in operationalising gender equity-focused policies and provides suggested actions to drive best practice. The report examines the differing approaches employed by managers and organisations to progress gender equity in eight public sector organisations and to encourage the sharing of best practices. The researchers found that the public sector is deeply committed to progressing gender equity and has driven positive initiatives to implement gender-inclusive practice. The report identifies a range of innovative solutions being undertaken, including embedding gender supportive processes in the immediate workplace and across wider human resource processes.

This project was funded by ANZSOG and the New South Wales, Queensland, South Australian and Tasmanian governments.

Suggested citation

Williamson, S., Colley, L., Foley, M. and Cooper, R. (2018) The Role of Middle Managers in Progressing Gender Equity in the Public Sector. Canberra: UNSW Canberra.