ANZSOG supports innovative, cutting-edge research into public policy and strategic management issues for the benefit of government and the public sector.

Researchers may submit proposals for research funding, which will be considered by our Research Committee.

Evidence Base journal 

If you are proposing an analysis or discussion of evidence informing decision-making, please contact George Argyrous, the Managing Editor of Evidence Base journal. The journal funds grants of $10,000 to authors reviewing the empirical evidence on policy areas of interest to our member governments.

Yearly funding round

When are funding proposals due?

The Research Committee meets in June to discuss proposals for each funding round. The committee usually calls for proposals (via email and social media) two months before the meeting and proposals are due a few weeks later. This webpage will be updated accordingly.

Who can apply for funding?

All researchers may apply for ANZSOG research funding if:

They have a doctorate as a minimum qualification and have been involved in at least one ANZSOG activity (including teaching, project supervision, research and applied learning).
They can demonstrate a strong record of high-quality research in public administration, public management or public policy.

What are the criteria?

Proposals for ANZSOG research funding support must meet four mandatory requirements. The Research Committee then will assess each proposal using weightings for both the mandatory and additional considerations.

Each year, the Research Committee nominates one or more topics of special interest. For the 2017 funding round, the committee will seek applications on the following topics:

  • Collaborative governance and interface between sectors 
  • Case studies of interjurisdictional policymaking
  • Digital leadership and disruptive technology

Mandatory requirements

  1. Investigator: the project is led by an academic who:

    Is closely involved in at least one ANZSOG activity, OR
    Demonstrates a strong record of high-quality research in the fields of public administration, public management or public policy. (10 per cent)

  2. Teaching resource: The project is designed as a resource for, or is likely to inform, future ANZSOG teaching or applied learning/knowledge activities. (30 per cent)

  3. Academic contribution: The project fills a gap in research-based knowledge of an aspect of public administration, public management or public policy, perceived as important by more than one ANZSOG government partner. (35 per cent)

  4. Publication outputs: The project will produce at least:

    One submission to an academic journal, particularly the Australian Journal of Public Administration, the Australian Journal of Political Science, Public Administration, Public Administration Review and the International      
    Journal of Public Administration, OR
    One submission to the ANZSOG/ANU Monograph Series (subject to approval by the editors), OR
    One paper for ANZSOG’s general publication series (subject to approval by the ANZSOG Research Secretariat and peer reviewers). (10 per cent)

Additional considerations

     5. Collaboration: The project involves inter-jurisdictional, especially trans-Tasman, collaboration with researchers
          from two or more ANZSOG university partners.
          (5 per cent)

     6. Government support: The project involves an ANZSOG government partner contributing funding or in-kind support.
          (5 per cent)

     7. Initial outputs: The project will produce initial outputs, regardless of the estimated project length.
          (5 per cent)

Funding rules

All proposals for ANZSOG research funding support must fulfill the requirements set out in our funding rules (below). Please note that ANZSOG does not allow university infrastructure and overhead charges on its grants.

Funding agreement

All successful proposals for ANZSOG research funding support must fulfill the conditions set out in the ANZSOG Funding Agreement (signed by successful applicants), which outlines the responsibilities of all parties. The funding agreement should be read in conjunction with the funding rules, however the funding agreement will prevail where there is any inconsistency.

Contact us

To find out more about ANZSOG research funding, please contact us on +61 3 8344 1963 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..