ANZSOG supports innovative, cutting-edge research into public policy and strategic management issues for the benefit of government and the public sector.

ANZSOG research funding

ANZSOG is currently reviewing its research strategy under the leadership of new Research Committee Chair Professor Glyn Davis. While work is continuing on the exact details of this strategy, it will see ANZSOG increase its yearly pool of research funding from $250,000 to $750,000, while seeking to involve ANZSOG’s government owners and university partners more directly in the research process through matched funding arrangements and shared definition of priority research projects.

At this stage, the 2018 funding round has been postponed until the new research strategy is finalised. 


ANZSOG-sponsored Churchill Trust fellowships for Australian and New Zealand First Peoples

For Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples 

In partnership with the Churchill Trust, The Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) is sponsoring a new Churchill Fellowship in 2019 for a Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person working in the public service. 

The fellowship provide an invaluable opportunity for an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person to spend 4-8 weeks overseas, to gain insights into the practices of their peers working in international jurisdictions, and contribute to Indigenous policy, governance and administration thinking in Australian upon their return.

One fellowship will be awarded to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person working in the Public Service, and on the basis that the research undertaken will contribute to improving outcomes for First Peoples of Australia and their communities, and ultimately to the wider Australian community. 

ANZSOG is committed to supporting and promoting the findings from these fellowships. On returning from the Fellowship, the ANZSOG Churchill Fellow will be invited to share their findings in a variety of engagement opportunities. This may include presenting in an ANZSOG program, a forum or contributing to the ANZSOG Wise Practice Case Library.

Fellowship recipients will also have access to the Churchill Trust’s Learning Framework, which includes foundation skills training, ongoing support, mentoring, and financial assistance for disseminating findings when they return.

To apply

Applications have now closed for the Australian Churchill Fellowship. 

For Māori

ANZSOG is also partnering with the New Zealand Churchill Trust to offer a Churchill Fellowship for a Māori public servant to pursue public sector practices leading to positive outcomes for Māori communities in New Zealand.  

To apply

Apply through the New Zealand Churchill Fellowships website. Applications open 1 May and close 31 July 2019.

Contact us

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