Economics, Politics and Infrastructure

  • Authors: Gary Banks
  • Published Date: 12 April 2017


Despite my intention to speak about the economics of infrastructure, in this lecture I have actually talked mainly about the politics that surround it. This is because I have become convinced that the biggest challenge we face in public policy today is no longer knowing what to do (which can be difficult enough), but how to get it done. The obstacles in contemporary politics and media have undoubtedly increased, but these are reflective of underlying changes in Australian society and are unlikely to change. The only path to the policy high ground lies within executive government itself, and the restoration of capabilities that served us so well in the past. I’m sure we’d all agree that this is ultimately a matter of leadership. But is that really too much to ask?

Suggested citation

Banks, G. (2017). Economics, Politics and Infrastructure. Infrastructure Oration 2017, Infrastructure Partnerships Australia, Sydney, 6 April