A ‘Tripadvisor’ for disability? Social enterprise and ‘digital disruption’ in Australia

  • Authors: Ian McLoughlin, Yolande McNicoll, Aviva Beecher Kelk, James Cornford and Kelly Hutchinson
  • Format: Journal Article
  • Published Date: 10 November 2018


We explore how social enterprises can use platform technologies to plug ‘informational gaps’ in the provision of disability services. Such gaps are made more apparent by policies promoting self-directed care as a means of giving service users more choice and control. We use a case study of a start-up social enterprise seeking to provide a TripAdvisor style service to examine the potential for social innovation to ‘disrupt’ current models of service. The case study suggests that any disruptive effects of such changes are not due to new digital technology per se, nor to novel platform business models, but rather rest in the manner in which the moral orders which justify current patterns of social disablement can be challenged by social innovation.

An output from the ANZSOG-funded project “Into Uncharted Waters: Governing Big and Open data across government/third sector boundaries”.

Suggested citation

Ian McLoughlin, I., McNicoll, Y., Beecher Kelk, A., Cornford, J. and Hutchinson, K. (2018). A ‘Tripadvisor’ for disability? Social enterprise and ‘digital disruption’ in Australia. Information, Communication & Society, early online, doi 10.1080/1369118X.2018.1538382.