After the Ribbon Cutting: Governing PPPs in the medium to long term

Authors: Graeme Hodge, Emille Boulot, Colin Duffield and Carsten Greve
Published Date: 03 October 2017
Abstract Much attention has gone towards ‘up-front’ processes when delivering infrastructure public–private partnerships (PPPs), but less on how to best govern after the ribbon is cut and the i...

Individual funding systems: What works?

Authors: Helen Dickinson
Published Date: 02 October 2017
Key Topic and Teaching Concept: Economics and Finance, Evidence-based policy
Abstract The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has the potential to substantially transform care for Australians with disabilities. One of the key components of this sys...

Strategy in the public and private sectors: Similarities, differences and changes

Authors: John Alford and Carsten Greve
Published Date: 28 September 2017
Key Topic and Teaching Concept: Public Value, Strategic Planning, Management
Abstract Strategic concepts and practices first evolved in the private sector, so they evoked much controversy when they migrated to the public sector from the late 1970s onwards. Partly this was abo...

Growing National Prosperity: Government's role in the 21st century

Published Date: 11 September 2017
Key Topic and Teaching Concept: Economics and Finance
Against the backdrop of extensive public sector cutbacks, and the wider fiscal and economic challenges facing governments, this Occasional Paper considers how governments can best support the ongoing ...

Wicked and less wicked problems: A typology and a contingency framework

Authors: John Alford and Brian Head
Published Date: 24 August 2017
Key Topic and Teaching Concept: Collaboration, Networks, Co-production
Abstract This paper addresses shortcomings in the scholarship about ‘wicked problems’, and suggests ways of tackling them. Firstly, accounts of these problems tend to ‘totalise’, regarding th...

Convict Transportation to New South Wales, 1787–1849: Mortality Rates Reconsidered

Authors: Gary Sturgess, Sara Rahman and George Argyrous
Published Date: 09 August 2017
Abstract Previous research into Australian convict transportation has concluded that a significant downturn in mortality rates occurred with the appointment of naval surgeons as superintendents in 18...

Public admin explainer: What is co-production?

Published Date: 31 July 2017
Key Topic and Teaching Concept: Collaboration, Networks, Co-production
When a government organisation delivers a service, it seems obvious who is the producer and who the consumer. But a closer look reveals a more complex picture: often, some of the production is done by...

Putting one-stop-shops into practice: A systematic review of the drivers of government service integration

Authors: Cosmo Howard
Published Date: 25 July 2017
Key Topic and Teaching Concept: Evidence-based policy, Integrated Services, Service Delivery and Agency Operations
Abstract One-stop-shops (OSSs) are not a recent invention, but they are currently popular as governments attempt to address complaints about fragmentation in public service delivery. OSSs often strug...

Alcohol, drugs and family violence: A question of framing and boundary markers

Authors: Sophie Yates
Published Date: 12 July 2017
Key Topic and Teaching Concept: Domestic Violence
Can alcohol and drugs be called a ‘cause’ of family violence? What do we mean when we talk about ‘causes’ of social problems? In this article (originally posted on Power to Pers...

Australia, the European Union and the New Trade Agenda

Published Date: 27 June 2017
Summary Australia (together with New Zealand) is one of the few Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries with which the EU does not have a comprehensive trade agreement...

Public admin explainer: What is adaptive leadership?

Published Date: 27 June 2017
Key Topic and Teaching Concept: Leadership, Leadership Skills and Attributes
Adaptive leadership is a practice for helping mobilise members of an organisation or community to adapt to significant change. It emphasises the importance of adaptation to a complex and rapidly chang...

Policy entrepreneurs and problem framing: The case of climate change

Authors: Michael Mintrom and Joannah Luetjens
Published Date: 30 May 2017
Key Topic and Teaching Concept: Policy Skills, Development and Implementation
Abstract Policy entrepreneurs are energetic actors who work with others in and around policymaking venues to promote significant policy change. After several decades of study, we know a lot about wha...