New ANZSOG/ANU Press publication examines governance structures in Greater China and Australia

Open book
  • Published Date: 31 July 2020

A new ANZSOG/ANU Press publication comparing governance structures in Australia, the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan will be launched next week.

The book has an in-depth focus on the structures and processes used within the executive arm of government, including the non-government agencies that help develop and implement policy.

Designing Governance Structures for Performance and Accountability: Developments in Australia and Greater China, edited by Andrew Podger, Tsai-tsu Su, John Wanna, Hon Chan and Meili Niu, is the second book published from the Greater China Australia Dialogue on Public Administration, and comprises a series of papers from the Dialogue’s 2017 workshop at City University in Hong Kong.

The book is already available through the ANU Press and will be formally launched on the Crawford School’s ‘Democracy Sausage’ podcast on Monday 3 August, with a discussion hosted by former national affairs journalist and senior fellow at the ANU Australian Studies Institute Professor Mark Kenny, former long term Foreign Minister and current ANU Chancellor Julie Bishop, and one of the book’s editors Professor Andrew Podger.

ANZSOG Dean and CEO Professor Ken Smith said ANZSOG had been closely associated with the Dialogue since it was established in 2009, and the new book was a valuable record of its 2017 discussions.

“The Dialogue is an ongoing and flourishing process which has been invaluable in increasing mutual understanding of public administration practice and developments across the jurisdictions involved – the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia,” he said.

“For Australian participants, the Dialogue provides opportunities to learn about Greater China as well as to present material on our experiences that may be relevant to Greater China as it continues to undergo reform.

“The book gives insights into the similarities and differences between jurisdictions and deepens our understanding of public administration in practice.”

Professor Smith said the long-running Dialogue had involved academics and practitioners from agencies including DFAT and Treasury in Australia.

This latest book complements the earlier ANU Press book, Value for Money, which came out of a workshop held at the National Taiwan University in Taipei in 2015, and focused on budget and financial management reform in Australia, the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan,

“The latest book highlights the common challenges of balancing political control and bureaucratic autonomy if government is both to reflect the will of the people and to provide public services efficiently and fairly for all,” he said.

The ANZSOG/ANU Press series has now published more than 50 volumes, with more than 2 million downloads.