John Deeble Lecture: Professor Nigel Edwards to explore health policy reform

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  • Published Date: 29 August 2019

Professor Nigel Edwards will examine the challenges and obstacles to making good health policy in the inaugural John Deeble Lecture in October.

Professor Edwards, CEO of independent British health think tank, the Nuffield Trust, will outline some of the more common dysfunctions in policy formation and implementation and the reasons why good policy goes bad. He will also offer possible solutions, including how policy makers, researchers and managers can develop more productive ways of working together.

ANZSOG is a proud sponsor of the lecture, which has been established by the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) to celebrate the legacy of Professor John Deeble, who died last year, and his achievements as a distinguished scholar, health economist and health policy leader.

Professor Deeble is widely regarded as ‘the architect of Medicare’ and advocated for high-quality universal healthcare for more than 50 years.

The Lecture is aimed at public sector leaders and executives, health executives and academics, and will be followed by a panel discussion reflecting on the complexities of the health system and the way we manage and set health policy in Australia.

Members of the panel include:

  • Professor Ian Frazer (CEO and Director Translational Research Institute)
  • the Hon Nicola Roxon (Chair HESTA and previous Federal Health Minister)
  • Mr Romlie Mokak (Commissioner, Productivity Commission)
  • and moderator Professor Johanna Westbrook (Director Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research Macquarie University).

ANZSOG Dean and CEO Ken Smith said that ANZSOG was pleased to honour Professor Deeble’s significant legacy to Australian public policy.

“Professor Deeble made an enormous impact on modern Australia through his role in the creation of Medicare and as an advocate for health policy reform,” he said.

“He recognised that academics and practitioners must work together to deliver public value. He was a champion of rigorous, evidence-based policy and had a rare ability not just to develop good policy, but to advocate for it effectively.”

AHHA board chair Deborah Cole said Professor Deeble would be remembered for his ”generosity, integrity, ingenuity and persistence” and as a crusader against social injustice.

“There was a familiar pattern to all of his work: he would identify emerging problems; follow up with extensive data collection and analysis; then formulate policy responses that fitted the facts rather than pre-conceived positions.”

The lecture and panel discussion will be held in Parliament House, Canberra on Friday 18 October 9.30am-1pm.

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