How ANZSOG’s Executive Master of Public Administration can benefit you

How ANZSOG’s Executive Master of Public Administration can benefit you
  • Published Date: 01 August 2017

ANZSOG’s Executive Master of Public Administration provides a unique opportunity for public sector leaders, and future leaders, to improve their skills. ANZSOG’s EMPA Academic Director, Professor Michael Mintrom has first-hand knowledge of the benefits of taking part in the intensive program, which is tailored to the public sector.

“The most important thing about the EMPA is that it is a degree that has been designed entirely to help people to become leaders in the public sector,” Professor Mintrom said.

“Our alumni tell me that the program has given them skills and confidence, which has taken their careers to a new level."

ANZSOG’s faculty members have an in-depth knowledge of the public sector and can provide invaluable insights into its inner-workings.

“The faculty think a lot about the public sector, the current challenges it is facing and the tools that are applicable across public, private and not-for-profit, but they target them to ensure you know how you can use them to be a better manager and leader in the public sector.”

“The people who sign up for this degree are like-minded and that’s incredibly helpful for your learning experience, and building your long-term professional networks.” Professor Mintrom said ANZSOG prides itself on interactive teaching, with a faculty that will “very rarely sit in a classroom and lecture at you”.

“We ask questions, talk about cases, have team presentations - a range of things like that which really get the room buzzing and provide a lot of opportunities for creative thought to happen.”

The EMPA can even be a bit of fun.

“It’s hard work, so the question is: can you have fun while you’re working hard? And I think the answer is ‘yes’.

“Part of the thing that makes work fun is the people around you and the people who take this degree are a great group of people.

“You can be in a classroom with 100 other people sometimes and you’re all focused on a problem and you’re talking about it in an engaged way and people might say things which you hadn’t thought about before.” Professor Mintrom said having members of the EMPA alumni return to classes to discuss their experiences also provided valuable engagement for students.

“They tell us things about what they’re doing in their job at the moment, and it’s very clear that the ANZSOG experience they had has infused every element of how they’re thinking and acting in their work.

“That is incredibly inspiring and I just love it when that happens.” The EMPA equips students with the skills to face new and challenging problems in the public sector. Returning alumni have revealed as much to Professor Mintrom.

“They tell me they’ve been thrown into a situation that maybe a few years back they would have said they couldn’t handle.

“But now there saying: ‘alright, bring it on’."

“That’s very inspiring because they’re not only advancing themselves, they are advancing those around them and the public sector as well.”

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