Breaking the data silos: ANZSOG/AIHW data conference trends Australia-wide

Professor Ian Anderson
  • Published Date: 27 March 2018

AIHW CEO Barry Sandison, Prime Minister & Cabinet's Professor Ian Anderson and former United States Deputy Chief Technology Officer to the Obama-administration Beth Noveck were among the highlights of the Breaking the data silos conference held in Canberra on Tuesday.

Numerous speakers from across the globe discussed the importance of opening data for better reporting and policy delivery for day one of the ANZSOG/AIHW conference.

Public servants, academics, epidemiologists and a range of other attendees shared the highlights of the day across social media, with #breakingdatasilos trending Australia-wide for a large part of the day.

Topics ranged from Indigenous health and welfare, vulnerable families and burden of disease to Singapore's use of data analytics.

The conference will host 2017 Boyer Lecturer Genevieve Bell on Tuesday evening, with the event concluding tomorrow.

View photos from day one.