ANZSOG staff and alumni awarded Australia Day Honours

ANZSOG staff and alumni awarded Australia Day Honours
  • Published Date: 29 January 2019

The dedication of Australian public servants and their positive impact on our society has been recognised in the 2019 Australia Day Honours list.

Several ANZSOG alumni have been rewarded for their work, with Kathryn Campbell, secretary of the Social Services department and a brigadier (O-7) in the Australian Army Reserve, recognised with the Office of the Order of Australia (AO) for her dual contribution. Ms Campbell is an ANZSOG Board Director and a former participant in the China Reciprocal Program.

Six ANZSOG alumni and staff have been awarded Public Service Medals (PSMs) for their contribution to public life in Australia. PSMs are awarded to just 100 public servants each year for outstanding service to the nation.

Gill Callister, ANZSOG Associate Dean, for outstanding public service through leadership of, and innovation in, policy development and service delivery across a range of portfolios in Victoria.

John Lonsdale, Executive Fellows Program 2010 and China Reciprocal Program 2015, for outstanding public service through improving the stability, efficiency and competitiveness of Australia’s financial system and increasing the robustness of Australia’s foreign investment framework.

Jonathan Palmer, Executive Fellows Program 2003, for outstanding public service as the Deputy Australian Statistician and through contributions to the international statistical community.

Graham Bradshaw, Executive Master of Public Administration in 2015, for outstanding public service to transport and community services in New South Wales. Graham helped establish an innovative partnership between NSW’s transport and corrective services agencies to allow offenders to do community service at railway stations.

Leanne Byrne, Towards Strategic Leadership 2015, for outstanding public service through the delivery of the New South Wales Martin Place Permanent Memorial project.

Barbara Wise, Executive Fellows Program 2018, for outstanding public service to transport reforms in New South Wales.

These alumni are just some of our graduates who are working to deliver public value and serve the communities of Australia and New Zealand. They exemplify the professionalism and dedication that ANZSOG hopes to instil in its graduates.