ANZSOG Dean Ken Smith appointed to National School Resourcing Board

 ANZSOG Dean Ken Smith appointed to National School Resourcing Board
  • Published Date: 03 November 2017

Federal Minister for Education and Training, Senator Simon Birmingham, announced the appointment of ANZSOG Dean and CEO, Professor Ken Smith, to the National School Resourcing Board on Wednesday.

Mr Smith is part of a group of eight “leading education, finance and demography experts” appointed to the Board, which will review and recommend improvements to the way Commonwealth school funding is distributed across Australia.

Commonwealth, states and territories and the non-government sectors nominated Board members for the expert panel.

Mr Smith said he was thrilled to be appointment and looked forward to working with his fellow board members.

“I am aware of the intricacies of the Australian school education system and the challenges faced by those involved with the distribution of funding, and how important this is for school communities,” Mr Smith said.

“I look forward to working with my fellow Board members, and thank the Minister, Senator Birmingham for appointing a broadly representative group with significant but diverse expertise.”

Mr Smith has worked on many national policy issues over the past three decades, including in the education sector, having previously served as Director-General of Education and Vocational Education and Training in the Queensland government.

He has worked extensively with and within the school, vocational and higher education sectors, is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators and Australian College of Educational Leadership, and has held adjunct professional positions in a number of universities.

He has also chaired and has been a member of boards at national level in curriculum, assessment, literacy and educational research.

Senator Birmingham said the Board will provide a level of “independent oversight of the spending efforts of the Commonwealth, states and territories”.

“The National School Resourcing Board was a recommendation of the 2011 ‘Gonski Review’.

“Now that we’ve locked in a new schools funding system and an additional $23.5 billion so students get the support and quality education they need to succeed, we want to ensure all Australians can be confident that funding is distributed fairly and consistently and that the greatest level of funding is flowing to the students and communities that need it most.

“The Board will help to continually improve the school funding model by using the best possible data and metrics to ensure it genuinely reflects needs and supports our schools appropriately.

“These are independent experts that will ensure Australia’s schools funding system is honed for the benefits of its students.”

Senator Birmingham said the priority for the Board will be a review of the Socio-Economic Status (SES) score methodology and current arrangements for determining the capacity of non-government school communities to contribute to the operational costs of their school.

The eight inaugural members of the National School Resourcing Board include:

  • Dr Michael Chaney AO – Chair
  • Emeritus Professor Denise Bradley AC – Deputy Chair
  • Associate Professor Natalie Brown
  • Professor Greg Craven AO
  • Mr Bill Daniels AM
  • Professor Stephen Lamb
  • Dr Alison Taylor
  • Professor Ken Smith

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