ANZSOG boosts research to $1.5 million with Professor Glyn Davis AC to chair research committee

ANZSOG boosts research to $1.5 million with Professor Glyn Davis AC to chair research committee
  • Published Date: 30 August 2017

ANZSOG has announced it will significantly expand its research program to better reflect its role as Australia’s leading school of public administration.

It will work more closely with partner governments and other organisations to ensure its research has practical applications, and will appoint University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor Glyn Davis AC to chair its research committee.

ANZSOG Dean and CEO, Professor Ken Smith, said high-quality research was a key part of ANZSOG’s mission to lift the quality of public management in Australia, and he was delighted that the research program would be expanded.

 “ANZSOG has established itself as a leader in teaching and research into public administration over the past 15 years, and we believe that there is a growing need for research to inform the public sector,” Professor Smith said.

“Our research funding will be increased from $250,000 a year to $750,000, on the basis that every dollar is at least matched by a government, university, foundation, or other partner. This will result in at least $1.5 million in funding for research into public administration and public policy issues each year.

Ken Smith says research to have greater practical application

“While our research will remain independent, the matching funding and collaboration will help ensure that we are responding to the evolving needs of Australian and New Zealand governments and our research has a broader practical application.

“It will give us the chance to do rapid research, as well as longer, ongoing research programs in collaboration with our trans-Tasman member governments.

This research will be in addition to the regular research being published by ANZSOG’s own academics.

Professor Smith said ANZSOG would continue to focus on research that had relevance across all jurisdictions, with an emphasis on building capacity and improving representation and diversity in the public sector.

“However we want to work with our partner governments to ensure that the research we produce has a practical application and can lift the quality of government in Australia. This can include evaluations of specific programs to analyse whether what the public sector is doing is working as intended,” Professor Smith said.

Greater pressures on public service lift need for quality research

“Recent years have seen greater demands on public servants in Australia and New Zealand. There is a greater contestability of policy advice, and a far greater 24/7 media focus and pressure from the news cycle to deliver outcomes.

“Glyn Davis’s appointment will also help ensure the research we produce delivers the most benefit to public administration in Australia and New Zealand. Glyn has written widely on the issues of public sector management and will bring his extensive university and public sector expertise to the role.”

Professor Davis said that there was a growing need for innovative research to guide the public sector.

“Public services across Australia and New Zealand are operating in a rapidly-changing environment and being asked to do more with less.

“ANZSOG is a highly-respected organisation which produces quality research to help the public sector meet those challenges, and which can deliver huge long-term benefits by lifting the quality of our public management.”