Melbourne's 2am lockout (A) 2016-93.1

Amid growing concern about alcohol-fuelled violence on city streets, Victoria's Brumby Government announced plans for a 2am lockout in May 2008. While some welcomed the Government's bid to curb antisocial behaviour, the move sparked an immediate furore amongst club owners and patrons who said it would unfairly punish responsible party-goers. The lockout was scheduled to run on a three month trial basis but before its commencement, many venues had been granted exemptions. Then, halfway through the trial, media reports revealed that members of the Government's own alcohol taskforce had labelled the policy a failure.

  • Authors: Marinella Padula
  • Published Date: 30 June 2016
  • Author Institution: ANZSOG
  • Featured Content Length: 5
  • Content Length: 10
  • Agency Type: Health and Safety, Local and Regional Government, Parliament~Government, Police, Regulator
  • Product Type: Primary resource, Case With Teaching Note, Part A, Update

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