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This page lists reports produced by ANZSOG-funded researchers, outputs from collaboration with other organisations, and research strategy papers. Our current priority topic is collaborative governance and the interface between sectors (public, private, not-for-profit).

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Collaborative governance and interface between sectors

Fighting Crime Together: The Challenges of Policing and Security Networks

Jenny Fleming and Jennifer Wood

The demand for security in western democracies generally exceeds the capacity of governments to provide it. In the present-day climate of scarce resources, networked approaches to policing and security have the potential to generate more effective and democratic service provision. Whether they want to or not, policy increasingly have to work with, and through, many local, national and international partnerships.

Fighting Crime Together: The Challenges of Policing and Security Networks explores the development of policing and security networks and various domains of practice. It looks at ways police can develop new strategies for integrating the knowledge, capacities, and resources of different security providers and assesses the challenges associated with such a venture. The book draws on contributions form internationally renowned academics, policy makers, analysts, practitioners of policing and security.



What Does 'Collaboration' Without Government Look Like? The Network Qualities of an Emerging Partnership

An output from the ANZSOG-funded project Understanding network qualities and workforce implications of collaborative governance
Authors: Michael Moran, Andrew Joyce, Josephine Barraket, Caitlyn MacKenzie and Emily Foenander
Published April 2016

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Working together: Evidence on collaboration from the reports of independent watchdogs

Report from the project Public sector collaboration and governance: Evidence from accountability agencies
Authors: Peter Wilkins, John Phillimore, David Gilchrist

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An empirical look at citizen co-production in Australia

Occasional Paper 26
An output from the ANZSOG-funded project Measuring Co-production in Australia.
Authors: Prof John Alford and Sophie Yates

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Contestability in Public Services: An Alternative to Outsourcing

Gary Sturgess, the NSW Premier's ANZSOG Chair of Public Service Delivery, explores contestability in public services as a way of using competitive tension to drive substantially better value for money.

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From the Outside Looking In: Limits to Partnerships

Mark Prebble
March 2013

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Arrangements for facilitating trans-Tasman government institutional co-operation

Views from the Inside No. 1
Produced by the Australian Government Department of Finance and Administration, and
Ministry of Economic Development New Zealand

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Public value

Mapping public value processes

Winner of the 2015 Outstanding Paper award from the International Journal of Public Sector Management. Free to access for 12 months from July 2015.
Authors: Prof John Alford, Sophie Yates



Creating Public Value: Tightening Connections Between Policy Design and Public Management

Article in Policy Studies Journal
Authors: Prof Michael Mintrom, Joannah Luetjens

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Federalism and intergovernmental relations

Symposium: Gender and Intergovernmental Relations

An output from the project Gender and intergovernmental relations, part-funded by ANZSOG. The symposium stems from a two-day workshop held in May 2013 that featured local and international academics and practitioners, and was edited by Professors Louise Chappell and Deborah Brennan. It appears in Volume 73, Issue 3 of the Australian Journal of Public Administration.

This project was also supported by the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia Workshop Program; the COAG Reform Council; the University of New South Wales; and the ANU Gender Institute.

Link to symposium on AJPA website


A New Federation with a Cities and Regional Approach

Richard Murray

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Technology, transparency and the public service of the future

Governance in the Age of Social Machines: The Web Observatory

Report from the project Governance in the Age of Social Machines.
Authors: Leanne Fry, Wendy Hall, Andy Koronios, Wolfgang Mayer, Kieron O'Hara, Anni Rowland-Campbell, Markus Stumptner, Ramine Tinati, Thanassis Tiropanis, Xin Wang

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Building a Web Observatory for South Australian Government: Supporting an Age Friendly Population

Conference paper from the project Governance in the Age of Social Machines.
Presented at the 3rd International workshop on Building Web Observatories, Web Science Conference 2015, Oxford, 29 June.
Authors: Xin Wang, Ramine Tinati, Wolfgang Mayer, Anni Rowland-Campbell, Thanassis Tiropanis, Ian Brown, Wendy Hall, Kieron O'Hara, Markus Stumptner, and Andy Koronios

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Report 1: The implications of government as a 'social machine' for making and implementing market-based policy

The first report from the project Government as a Social Machine.
Authors: Professor Michael Vitale, Anni Rowland-Campbell, Dr Valentina Cardo, Peter Thompson

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Report 2: The Machines

The second report from the project Government as a Social Machine.
Authors: Anni Rowland-Campbell, Professor Michael Vitale, Dr Valentina Cardo, Peter Thompson

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ANZSOG/Office of the Information Commissioner QLD 'Transparency' Occasional Paper series

Transparency Occasional Paper 1: Transparency and Public Sector Performance

Richard Mulgan

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Transparency Occasional Paper 2: Transparency and Productivity

John Houghton and Nicholas Gruen

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Transparency Occasional Paper 3: Transparency and Policy Implementation

Nicholas Gruen

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Transparency Occasional Paper 4: Transparency in Practice: The UK Experience

Andrew Stott

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Transparency Occasional Paper 5: Transparency and the Performance of Outsourced Government Services

Richard Mulgan

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Change and reform

A Diagnostic Tool for Assessing Organisational Readiness for Complex Change

An output from the ANZSOG-funded project Diagnosing readiness: Testing organisational capabilities, conducted by Professors Janine O'Flynn and Deborah Blackman.

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The Effects of COAG's National Reform Agenda on Central Agencies

Jeffrey Harwood and John Phillimore

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Public service renewal: reform, tradition and challenge

Views from the Inside No. 2
Dr Peter Shergold

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Evidence and decision-making

Evidence Base journal


Ministers, ministerial staff and the executive

The Gatekeepers

An output from the ANZSOG-funded projects Prime Ministerial Chiefs of Staff and Ministers' Courts and Courting Ministers, conducted by Prof Rod Rhodes and A/Prof Anne Tiernan.

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Lessons in Governing: A Profile of Prime Ministers' Chiefs of Staff

An output from the ANZSOG-funded projects Prime Ministerial Chiefs of Staff and Ministers' Courts and Courting Ministers, conducted by Prof Rod Rhodes and A/Prof Anne Tiernan.

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From Prime Ministerial Leadership to Court Politics

An output from the ANZSOG-funded project Ministers' Courts and Courting Ministers, conducted by Assoc Prof Anne Tiernan and Prof Rod Rhodes.

This chapter is published as: Rhodes, R. 2013. 'From Prime-Ministerial Leadership to Court Politics'. In P. Strangio, P. 't Hart and J. Walter (eds), Understanding Prime-Ministerial Performance: Comparative Perspectives. Oxford: OUP.

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Power Without Responsibility? Ministerial Staffers in Australian Governments from Whitlam to Howard

Anne Tiernan

A raft of recent political scandals in Australia has generated widespread media and public interest in the role and accountability of ministerial staffers, and their impact on relations between ministers and their public service advisers. Such scandals include the notorious ‘Children overboard’ affair and the more recent AWB imbroglio.

In Power Without Responsibility Anne Tiernan describes the contemporary working environment of political staffers, their formal and less formal roles, the challenges they face, and the forces that have escalated the growth in their numbers and influence.



Cabinet Government in Australia, 1901-2006

Patrick Weller

Cabinet Government in Australia, 1901-2006 is the first comprehensive study of the development of the central institution of government over the first century of its life. Based on Patrick Weller’s careful archival research and 30 years' experience writing about central government in Australia, it provides an understanding of both the history and the working of the institution. Penetrating in analysis, rich in anecdote, with lively portraits of prime ministers and their colleagues, this will stand as the principal source for understanding this central political process in our government.



Westminster Legacies: Democracy and Responsible Government in Asia and the Pacific

Edited by Haig Patapan, John Wanna and Patrick Weller

Westminster Legacies examines the ways in which the Westminster system has been influential in shaping responsible government and democracy across Asia, Australasia and the Pacific. It devotes chapters to India, Pakistan, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, Fiji and the smaller Pacific Island nations. The book examines ways the Westminster system has been adapted in the light of local cutures and traditions and considers how Westminster remains important for understanding political institutions and practices.

It also looks at the conditions under which Westminstr legacies have taken root and endured, and those conditions that have eroded or significantly changed its influence. Some of the countries surveyed have teetered on the edge of becoming 'failed states' (especially in terms of legitimate democracies), while others remain robust adversarial democracies.



Yes, premier: Labor Leadership in Australia's States and Territories

Edited by John Wanna and Paul Williams

Since 2002 - and for the first time since Federation - all state and territory governments in Australia have been held by the Australian Labor Party.

Yes, Premier features a chapter on each state or territory, and in each case focuses on the leader who has led their party to power and so created this unprecedented and historical situation. It examines each Labor premier (and in Tasmania's case, two!) and territory chief minister's individual rise to power and their political and personal style.

The chapters are written by experts in the politics and political culture of their home state. Part personal and part political biographies, the chapters also assess the instruments of leadership any modern state or territory leader must master in order to remain in the top job.



Economics, public budgeting and finance

Engaging with Asia: an imperative for Australia and New Zealand

This discussion paper outlines some of the insights that emerged from an exercise undertaken as part of ANZSOG’s Executive Fellows Program (EFP) in late 2014. The Executive Fellows Program is an annual senior leadership program involving 70-80 senior public servants from Australia, New Zealand and countries in the Asia region.

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Challenges confronting economic policy advisors

Views from the Inside No. 3
Ken Henry

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Wider Economic Impacts in Transport Infrastructure Cost-Benefit Analysis - A Bridge Too Far?

Leo Dobes and Joanne Leung

Agenda vol. 22 no. 1

An output from the project Harmony in Diversity? Intra-and inter-jurisdictional evaluation of projects and policies

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Public policy

International policy transfer in the road sector: From Australia to Sweden

An output from the ANZSOG-funded project International policy transfer: From Australia to Sweden
Based on an ANZSOG research seminar, June 2016
Author: Dr Chris Walker

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Australian Foreign Policy in the Age of Terror

Edited by Carl Ungerer

This textbook examines changes to Australian foreign policy since 9/11 and the rise of global Islamic terrorism. It covers each of the main areas of Australian foreign policy – security, trade, development assistance, multilateral institutions and bilateral relations. The first section deals with the strategic dimensions of foreign policy, the second with global dimensions, and the final section deals with regional or geographic dimensions. It is a critical examination of the transnational forces that are influencing the future conduct of Australian policy.



Grappling with Complex Policy Challenges: Exploring the potential of visualization for analysis, advising and engagement

Professor Evert Lindquist
School of Public Administration, University of Victoria, Canada
Adjunct Professor, Crawford School of Economics and Government, ANU

Output from ANZSOG and Crawford joint-funded project on policy visualisation techniques

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Adding Value to Policy Analysis and Advice

This textbook explores the theory and practice of policy-making and how good analysis and advice add value to public decisions and decision-makers. The authors discuss the roles of advisors and analysts both within and across jurisdictions, and how they affect policy processes and methods in Australia and New Zealand. This is a must-have text for managers, administrators and students who want an integrated perspective to the field of policy analysis and advising.



Scoping Report: National and international perspectives on enhancing strategic policy capability

The first report from Mark Evans and Claudia Scott's ANZSOG-funded research project A Cross-Jurisdictional Study of Policy Capability in the Australian and NZ Public Sectors.

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Public sector leadership

Leading with Political Astuteness

An output from the ANZSOG-funded project Leading with Political Astuteness.
Authors: Prof Jean Hartley, Prof John Alford, Prof Owen Hughes, Sophie Yates

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Does Public Service Motivation Provide a Guide for managers?

Mark Prebble
May 2014

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Managers and political astuteness: Lessons for the Victorian Public Service

Occasional Paper 25
An output from the ANZSOG-funded project Leading with Political Astuteness.
Authors: Prof Jean Hartley, Prof John Alford, Prof Owen Hughes, Sophie Yates

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Public administration research directions

Enhancing ANZSOG's Contribution to Better Government: Future research directions

ANZSOG Research Committee

231kb | Download
ANZSOG Research Priority Areas: A Blue Skies Approach

John Wanna

55kb | Download
Mapping research agendas with government: surveys, priorities and future needs

Rod Rhodes, John Wanna and Susan Hanson

48kb | Download
Trajectories of public administration and administrative history in Australia: rectifying 'a curious blight'?

Claudia Scott and John Wanna

110kb | Download
Public management and departments: contemporary themes - future agendas

John Halligan

87kb | Download
Investigating power at the centre of government: surveying research on the Australian executive

Pat Weller

81kb | Download
Surveying research on New Zealand Government: what next?

Karen Baehler

131kb | Download
Surveying research on parliament and parliamentary oversight of the public sector

Colleen Lewis and Ken Coghill

68kb | Download
Social science research and public policy: narrowing the divide

Meredith Edwards

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