The objectives of NRCoP are twofold:

  • We support participants to become more professional and capable regulators; and
  • We promote the public value and importance of regulation as a key function of government and thereby, to deliver better citizen outcomes.

The NRCoP supports practising regulators across Australia and Aotearoa-New Zealand to share and better manage their operational and implementation challenges, based on what they all have in common.

Our learning focus is first, on connecting around the successes and failures, experiences and challenges which affect regulators in their daily work and secondly, on inspiring practising regulators about their public value.

In its emotional dimension, the NRCoP works to give heart to regulators who find themselves constantly in the crosshairs of some or all of government, media, the community and duty holders.

Consistent with these objectives, the NRCoP cannot be a platform for dissemination and promotion of, or engagement with, the policy settings of individual governments. Many governments have Better Regulation teams and strategies which already do this important work.

The NRCoP also does not represent or speak for regulators in the design or implementation of regulatory policy settings.

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