Tailored learning

Date: 1/01/1970

ANZSOG works with governments to deliver tailored learning approaches that help to meet the professional development needs of public sector managers, executives and leaders.

Our close, collaborative relationships with our partner governments means we are in a unique position to understand the needs of public sector organisations; our approaches are designed by government, for government, and specifically created for the public sector.

Our suite of learning opportunities includes highly specialised, practical courses designed for middle-to-senior public sector and not-for-profit sector managers and executives across all portfolios. We use a combination of immersive learning, guided and small-group discussions to develop management and leadership capabilities.

Events, such as our roundtable workshops, enable public sector leaders from around the Asia-Pacific region to engage in high-level ‘Chatham House-style’ discussions, where they can raise and discuss issues in a closed and supportive environment.

We deliver leadership programs in partnership with foreign governments in the region, which create valuable peer-to-peer networks and institutional links across countries, and contribute to ongoing engagement in our region.

Through our partnership with the New Zealand and Australian governments, we run high-level programs designed to support intergovernmental relations and understanding. Our programs include the China Advanced Leadership Program, the China Reciprocal Program, the India Advanced Leadership Program and the Singapore Civil Service College Program. 

Our courses are led by some of the world’s leading academics and subject matter experts, and draw on the expertise of highly experienced and respected practitioners from government, not-for-profit and private sectors. Our experts also are available to offer high-level advisory services.

Our approaches introduce new ideas and concepts on issues such as behaviour change, budgeting and finance, climate change, economics, education leadership, evaluation of policies and programs, evidence-based policy, gender and management, governance and integrity, health leadership, inter-agency collaboration, knowledge management, managing statutory offices, organisational change, policy skills, project management and service delivery, the regulatory environment, and strategy.

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