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ANZSOG’s Custom education

ANZSOG’s position as an education institution created by government for government means we can utilise our public sector knowledge to identify trends in public sector priorities and tailor programs to meet future needs.

These programs are delivered by local and international academics combined with current and former public leaders, bridging contemporary public administration theory and research with senior practitioner knowledge and experience. We draw on a global network of academic faculty, practitioner-experts, community leaders and ANZSOG’s expertise in public sector education to design and deliver tailored programs which meet the specific leadership and capability needs of our owner governments. ANZSOG’s custom education programs respond to growing capability demands on agencies and jurisdictions with offerings ranging from:

  • two-hour workshops that expose public sector leaders to indispensable concepts and tools
  • half-day workshops focused on addressing a specific capability need
  • two-day workshops that aim to develop public administration and policy capabilities and support organisational development goals
  • immersive place-based experiences, where the learning experience is taken to staff, where they are working, for a design learning experience that connect participants to the communities their work impacts
  • multi-module leadership programs that include diagnostics, group and individual coaching and work-based projects.

It [The Program] has created an environment of genuine collaboration where senior executives can discuss complex policy issues and a broad range of topics from many perspectives.

– Jane Hanna, Director, Tasmania’s State Service Management Office

ANZSOG’s custom programs:

  • harness cross-jurisdictional learnings
  • stretch and engage high-performing public servants
  • value diversity and inclusion
  • draw on Indigenous knowledge, values and voices
  • provide an opportunity to apply learnings
  • generate and enable peer-to-peer learning and professional networks
  • include face-to-face and online learning experiences
  • emphasise interactive learning exercises
  • provide new approaches that can be put into practice immediately
  • harness the latest pedagogical approaches to executive education
  • acknowledge and incorporate leading practice from outside the public sector.

Contact us to find out how we can design a custom program for your organisation.

Design and delivery

ANZSOG designs education offerings to meet the needs of our owner governments and we strive for impact, creating an environment where learning transforms professional practice and leadership, ultimately creating better outcomes for communities.

When designing education programs for public sector leaders, we believe it’s important to work collaboratively with the commissioning agency to ensure alignment of content with the underlying needs of the agency.

Flexible delivery options

Our tailored programs can be suited to your requirements, including:

  • program size
  • format
  • target audience
  • blended components
  • integrated learning programs.

Our expertise across topic areas

ANZSOG has expertise in delivering tailored programs in the following areas:

  • Policy and program development and analytical skills: stakeholder engagement, data analysis, complex problem solving, evaluative and systems-thinking, designing policy for implementation and policy framing.
  • Public management and administration: public value and the strategic triangle, political astuteness, effective communication and approaches to decision-making.
  • Public sector leadership: raising individuals’ self-awareness and understanding the application of evidence-based leadership frameworks (e.g. authentic leadership, adaptive leadership) within a public sector environment.
  • Evaluation and evidence: how to design and apply monitoring and outcome measurement frameworks, development of program logics and the role evaluation plays in program and policy cycles.
  • Integrity and ethics: the systemic nature of corruption and how to develop processes involved in building integrity in public sector organisations.

Read about ANZSOG’s tailored learning program developed with Tasmania’s State Service Management Office to help them meet that challenge by designing and delivering a program that provides national and international expertise but recognises the unique context of Tasmania.

Choosing the right ANZSOG program

In addition to Tailored Learning offerings, ANZSOG offers a wide range of workshops and courses for all levels of public service professionals. We have created a career path infographic which matches ANZSOG's range of educational offering to each level of public service to make it easier for you to find the right course for you.

Download ANZSOG's career path infographic: ANZSOG career path infographic

See below for more of ANZSOG’s programs:


Executive Master of Public Administration

The Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) is a two-year postgraduate qualification designed to give high potential, experienced mid-level managers and aspiring leaders a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of public administration.

Who should attend?

Applicants demonstrating strong leadership potential and a commitment to career development in the public sector.


Executive Fellows Program

The Executive Fellows Program (EFP) is an intensive, three-week residential program for senior public service executives. With an emphasis on enhancing strategic capabilities, this program focuses on the leadership, relationship and management skills required to effectively lead in an increasingly complex public sector.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for high performing senior executives. We welcome applications from the not-for-profit sector.


Towards Strategic Leadership

Towards Strategic Leadership (TSL) is specifically designed for experienced public sector managers who are moving into, or have recently moved into, senior executive leadership roles. Participants engage with change and explore how best to increase adaptive capacities.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for senior executives from public service departments and agencies, and the not-for-profit sector.


Executive programs and Thought Leadership

ANZSOG's Executive Programs and Thought Leadership events help public sector leaders hone their strategic, practical and critical thinking capabilities. Follow a learning pathway across a range of connected topics, including leadership and regulation.


For more information on the above ANZSOG programs, contact us on +61 3 8344 1990 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.