We’re all regulators: why and how to think broadly about regulation

To be a public sector regulator, you don’t just need to work in an agency with the word ‘regulation’ (or ‘protection’, or ‘safety’) in its title. And you definitely don’t just need to work in compliance and enforcement.

If you’re involved in enforcing rules and standards for other bureaucrats; or funding and contracting external bodies; or making sure procurement processes are followed; or setting fees and charges; or licensing, registering or accrediting particular categories of people; or incentivizing behaviours (‘nudging’) – welcome to the world of regulation.

This seminar will begin the 2019 year for the WA chapter of the NRCoP with an engaging and stimulating overview of the big picture – what regulation is, some ways to think about it and why it really matters for good government and improving citizen outcomes.

8.30-9.00am: Registration & light refreshments
9.00-10.30am: Seminar

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Venue information

  • Venue: Gordon Stephenson House
  • Address: Level 2 Exhibition Hall,
    140 William Street