The Intelligent Regulator

What does it take to be an ‘intelligent regulator’ in an era of new technological and global challenges? When shrinking resources and a growing number of old and new bad actors collide with complex and volatile political and community expectations?

It sounds, and is, pretty daunting.

But as keynote speaker Bill Eggers from Deloitte says in his report on ‘The Regulator’s New Tool Kit’: help is on the way! The same technologies that challenge traditional regulation can also offer new opportunities to fundamentally reinvent rule-making, oversight, inspections, and enforcement. Moreover, regulators across Australia are finding innovative approaches to problem-solving that involve collaboration across agencies and levels of government, data sharing, creative use of third parties, strategic use of intelligence and effective development of their people’s capabilities.

The forum sessions will showcase a broad range of issues and sectors, from money laundering to data mining and drones, from fishing to family day care, and from illegal waste to water theft.

The 2019 annual regulators forum will support participants to:

  • Be inspired by the best of what’s happening around the world, seeing how regulators facing similar problems are making effective use of new technologies and tools.
  • Appreciate the importance of data culture and value the information they and their peer regulators hold.
  • Identify new techniques and tools to better use existing and new sources of intelligence to deliver on their regulatory mission.
  • Solve pressing problems and ‘square the circle’ of inadequate resources chasing growing challenges and demands.
  • See the potential to be more intelligence-led in their own organisation and connect with peers on this journey.

Please join the charismatic and inspirational Bill Eggers from the Deloitte Centre for Government Insights alongside speakers from across Australia for a day of interactive, inspiring and engaging panel sessions.


Registrations and arrival tea/coffee


Welcome to Country and cultural opening

Welcome to Country by Simon Cohen, Chair, NRCoP Steering Group


Opening Plenary Session

The regulators’ new tool kit

William Eggers, Deloitte Center for Government Insights

The new world of regulation and of regulatory work: what’s happening around the world to make regulation more effective despite shrinking resources and growing complexity

With a panel of Australasian regulators using or exploring these new tools and techniques

Pia Andrews, Executive Director Data, Insights and Transformation, NSW Department of Customer Service

Simon Williamson, Manager Integrated Targeting and Operations Centre, NZ Customs Service

QBCC (to be confirmed)

CASA (to be confirmed)


Morning tea


Session #2

Learning from crime, tax and vice: following (and finding) the money

Facilitator: Emeritus Professor Arie Freiberg

Professor of Practice Jennie Granger, UNSW Business School

Creina Chapman, Deputy Chair and CEO, ACMA

Dr Nathan Newman, National Manager Regulatory Operations, AUSTRAC




Session #3

Waste dumping and water theft: can we have intelligence-led regulation in times of crisis?

Facilitator: Cheryl Batagol, Chair Vic EPA

Rachel Gualano, Director Regulatory Programs Vic EPA

Jason Bentley, Chief Investigator Waste Crime Taskforce, NSW EPA

Di Mead, Director Office of Compliance, Murray-Darling Basin Authority

Kaia Hodge, Director Regulatory Innovation, NSW Natural Resources Assessment Regulator

Break Poster presentation: infographics for decision makers

Session #4

So you want to be an intelligent regulator? learning from others

Facilitator: Jenness Gardner, CEO WA Economic Regulation Authority

Matthew McCrone, Director Real Time Prescription Monitoring, Vic DHHS

Brooke Hall, Manager Statewide Investigations Group, Vic Fisheries Authority

Madeleine Smith, Executive Director Quality Assessment and Regulation Division Vic DET and Caitilin Markby, State Director Cwth Department of Education

Ryan Collins, Executive Director Higher Education and Skills, Vic DET

16.30-17.30 Drinks and networking


AU $600 plus GST

Please RSVP by Wednesday 2 October 2019

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Venue information

  • Venue: Federation square
  • Address: Deakin Edge, Federation Square,
    Cnr Swanston & Flinders Sts, Melbourne 3000

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