Taking lessons from policy theory into practice

Collaboration and inter-sectoral working has been called the ‘new normal’. Despite this, different groups involved in the policy process hold contrasting ideas about the ways that policies should be designed and implemented. In the past, this has caused tension, mistrust and a lack of productive communication between the sectors. In particular, we have seen a disconnect between practice and academic theory. 

All too often theory and policy-making are couched in different languages and don’t speak to each other. Yet while no single theoretical approach will suffice, academic insights garnered from different theoretical approaches can offer practitioners the means to think more critically about their environment and institutional settings and to act more powerfully and effectively.

Professor Cairney has taught and written extensively on theory-driven policy analysis and strategies for achieving ‘evidence-based policy-making’. In this seminar, he will address this issue of how to translate theory for a wider audience.

Date: Monday 22 October at 5.30pm
Venue: Barton Theatre, Crawford Building ANU
Level 1 Yeend Wing, Lennox Crossing

Guests are welcome to arrive between 5pm and 5.30pm for light refreshments and networking, with the event being held from 5.30pm to 6.30pm

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Venue information

  • Venue: Australian National Universty
  • Address: Barton Theatre, Crawford Building,
    Level 1 Yeend Wing, Lennox Crossing, Canberra