SSC & ANZSOG Present: More transparency = more trust in government: does this equation always hold true?

NZ is well ahead in how much our citizens trust governments, showing an increase when elsewhere trust is falling. But even here, trust is not evenly distributed across the age groups. The scepticism of younger people compared to their elders is a worrying and common trend. Can our commitment to transparency and proactive disclosure insulate us from the global trend to greater mistrust of all forms of authority and traditional institutions?  What does the international empirical research on the actual effect of transparency and different forms of disclosure tell us? 

Our final speaker for 2018, Dr Femke de Vries from the Netherlands is interested in the relationship between transparency and trust in governments and her research into the effect of different forms of transparency on trust provides some valuable insights into the way in which governmental institutions could and should communicate to maintain trust.

12.00-12.30pm: Registration & light refreshments
12.30-1.45pm: Seminar

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Venue information

  • Venue: Rydges Wellington
  • Address: Rydges Hotel Grand Ballroom,
    Cnr Featherston and Bunny Streets, Wellington