Public policy and programs masterclass

Effective policy and implementation comes from strategic thinking and knowing how to analyse the broader policy environment.

The two-day Public policy and programs masterclass provides the opportunity for participants to develop their analytical skills and understanding, and to step back and reflect on how the work that they do fits in to a bigger picture.

Coordinator Dr Chris Walker and guest presenters will guide participants through policy concepts and processes to understand the different ways that key actors (governments, business and community) contribute to the development of effective public policy.

A key question of the workshop is how you and your work contributes to the achievement of desired policy outcomes.

“Effective policy work is the result of strategic thinking and informed analysis,” Dr Walker says.

“Departments are getting more constrained but expectations in the community are growing. The question for policy-makers is: how do we deal with immediate problems in a way which also contributes to a longer-term strategy?”

Key benefits

Dr Walker will explore a range of conceptual models and tools that provide a stronger analytical insight into policy and program development, design and delivery. This will equip participants with the skills to engage in more strategic and effective decision making.

Participants will learn to use the public value framework to analyse how different organisations and policies contribute to creating public value and delivering good policy.

They will become more adept at thinking strategically in complex situations, have a better understanding of their political environment and learn how to balance the demands of their stakeholders.

This workshop will benefit people in roles involving policy or program development, design and delivery – in any jurisdiction or agency.

There is a focus on real-world examples, and participants will be able to work on a key problem from their own work, as well as having the opportunity to work with colleagues from across the public sector.

Public policy and programs masterclass is highly recommended by past participants:

  • "Dr Walker was very engaging and knowledgeable on a variety of complex issues and the course has assisted me in thinking more strategically about a number of different things in my day-to-day work that I previously would not have."
  • "I strongly recommend the course for others to do as it has really stimulated me and given me a renewed focus in my work."

Course details

This two-day workshop led by Dr Chris Walker will include guest presentations by public sector leaders (and academics), interactive discussion and real-world examples. It is a hands-on, practical workshop.

Public policy and programs masterclass will teach you to:

  • think strategically
  • understand context
  • work within the policy process
  • conduct policy analysis and develop options
  • understand the ‘policy cycle’
  • design policy for effective implementation
  • engage stakeholders
  • build strategic capacity for policy-making
  • use different kinds of evidence in policy advice.


$AU 1,650 (incl GST)

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Customised version

This workshop can be customised to suit the needs of your government or department. Different versions of the course have been designed specifically for staff in Victoria, Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia.

To enquire about running this course for your department or jurisdiction, please complete the executive workshop enquiry form.

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Venue information

  • Venue: Telstra Conference Centre
  • Address: 242 Exhibition St,
    Melbourne VIC 3000