Lean Thinking in Government

Lean Thinking in Government is a workshop designed for leaders who can, or wish to, influence the processes and structures of their government or public sector organisation in order to deliver sustainable public services.

“Lean can achieve significant process improvement but it can only achieve its potential in public services when based within a public service dominant business logic”, suggests Professor Zoe Radnor. “Without this lean is doomed to fail in the long term as a theory and a set of practices.”

‘Lean’ has become a popular approach to public service reform. In the current era of reduced public spending it promises to maintain service productivity, improve utilisation and maintain quality. This workshop will draw on research across government, education and health to explore the implementation of lean to date. Based on extensive research a ‘House of Lean’ for public services will be presented which emphasises the importance of organisational readiness factors which include the importance of leadership engagement, understanding demand and co-production. Beyond this the workshop will argue that lean can only really achieve its potential when based within public service logic.

Key benefits

  • To question processes and structures
  • To recognise a service
  • To understand the limitations and opportunities for lean and process improvement
  • Appreciate the factors important to drive change and process improvement

What you'll learn

  • What lean is and is not for Public Services
  • Relevant priniciples and tools for implementing lean in public services
  • Understanding of public service dominant logic
  • How other public service organisations have implemented lean


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Venue information

  • Venue: The Australian National University
  • Address: Barton Theatre, JG Crawford Building,
    Building number 132, north-east entrance Lennox Crossing
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