Integrity 2025 - Regulating emerging and future integrity issues (Sydney)

How do leaders and institutions deal with a more diverse and assertive workforce, big data and information security and access, and blurred boundaries between personal and professional spheres? Various trends and developments affecting organisations such as digitisation and horizontalisation do not just produce demand for new skills and roles for managers but also for upgraded and updated integrity regulation and ethical leadership. A key question is what combination of regulation and other kinds of measures will be most effective in tackling emerging integrity issues.

Moderated by Elizabeth Tydd, NSW Privacy and Information Commissioner and Open Data Advocate.

11.30am  Registration

12.00-1.15pm Seminar

1.15-1.45pm  Light lunch and networking 

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Venue information

  • Venue: Parliament House
  • Address: Theatrette, 6 Macquarie Street Sydney,