Have we been captured? Calibrating the regulator/regulated relationship

Should regulators, like Machiavelli’s Prince, always rather be feared than loved if you cannot be both? How does that fit with contemporary policy ideas about co-design, co-regulation and collaboration with stakeholders, not to mention various Governments’ interests inmaking their jurisdiction easier places for business to operate?

This thought-provoking seminar will bring together two very different perspectives on what ails the relationship between the regulator and the regulated and how we might strike a better balance. Monash Professorial Fellow Graeme Samuel AC has unmistakably ‘frank and fearless’ views about the appropriate relationship between regulators and business, while Pauline Ireland, Victoria’s Human Services Regulator, has lengthy and practical experience in the inevitable small-c capture of regulators in distributed service systems when everyone is part of the same community.

8.00am- 8.30am: Registration & light refreshments 
8:30am - 9.30am: Seminar

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Venue information

  • Venue: Ithaca Auditorium, Brisbane City Hall
  • Address: 64 Adelaide Street,