Farewell Sir Humphrey: Who’s giving policy advice and why it matters - Brisbane

As everyone who works in government knows – the advice we give to decision makers really matters! This isn’t just about the Big-P policy which defines different governments, it’s about what we do every day: designing programs, delivering services, passing and abolishing regulations, making or fudging policy choices in big and small matters.

Unlike Sir Humphrey Appleby, legendary mandarin of Yes Minister, contemporary public servants are just one player in a combustible and complex mix that includes political advisers, think tanks, consultants, lobbyists and the loud public voices on multiple platforms. Are we up to the task of giving advice in this environment and how do we compare with our fellow Westminster jurisdictions?

A/Professor Jonathan Craft has undertaken deep analysis of the four ‘policy advisory systems’ across Australia, NZ, Canada and the UK, including confidential interviews with many senior players. Please join him for a fascinating exchange on where we’re at and what it means for the way we work every day.

Event details

Date: Monday 2 December 2019

Registration & light refreshments: 12.00-12.30pm

Seminar: 12.30-1.45pm

Please RSVP by Friday, 29 November 2019.

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Venue information

  • Venue: Brisbane City Hall
  • Address: Ithaca Auditorium,
    64 Adelaide Street, Brisbane

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