Economics for the public sector

Ross Guest, Professor of Economics at Griffith University, will explain how markets work, what happens when they fail, the case for regulating private sector activity and the public sector’s role in promoting national productivity.

“Economics offers powerful tools and principles for good decision-making in the public sector,” Professor Guest says. “Applying an economic way of thinking can help us make better decisions about how to deliver and price goods and services.”

Key benefits

Participants attending Economics for the public sector will learn about the forces of supply and demand that drive market outcomes, and the economic approach to evaluating costs and benefits of public sector activity.

You will be better equipped to make an economic case for or against a policy, and be able to understand and respond to an economic brief.

You will develop a sharper appreciation of the potential for markets to deliver, under the right conditions, socially preferred outcomes. You will understand why markets sometimes fail to deliver the best results. This will help you make better decisions. 

Who should attend

Economics for the public sector is designed for managers and those working in policy roles who want to know how to apply economic tools in the public sector.

This workshop is highly recommended by past participants:

  • Great pace, Ross is very approachable. Fantastic slides and great use of graphs with real examples to explain theory.

Course details

Over two days, Professor Guest will guide participants through real-world public sector examples, materials drawn from contemporary local conditions and interactive discussion. 

Economics for the public sector content will include:

  • market failure – the case for government intervention in markets
  • how do markets work – a public sector perspective
  • pricing and delivery of government services
  • fairness and redistribution
  • cost-benefit analysis in the public sector
  • role of government in promoting national productivity.


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