Developing a regulatory impact statement

Developing a regulatory impact statement will help you understand the steps required to make a business case for risk-based regulation in meeting subordinate legislation requirements and demonstrate a transparent approach to assessing government interventions/initiatives.

Dr George Rivers will guide you through the decision-making process to determine whether to proceed with a regulatory impact statement. You will gain an understanding of the impact analysis required for non-complex or low-impact projects. Dr Rivers will teach you how to choose the right evaluation approach when considering evidence-based decision making and choosing an intervention, while making clear when and where to use which approach. You will learn how to critically interpret, assess and use the results of published economic evaluations, and communicate the results and implications to decision makers.

Key benefits

Participants will learn skills including how to:

  • create a narrative around the problem being addressed – and understand the root cause of the problem (market failure/government failure)
  • develop a clear objective around the government intervention
  • identify feasible options/alternatives around meeting that object
  • assess options and undertake a sensitivity analysis
  • determine impacts on competition in the market and small business
  • understand the importance of consultation ‘before’ and evaluating the proposal ‘after’ its adoption.

Who should attend

Developing a regulatory impact statement is designed for team leaders through to executives who are involved in the creation of regulatory impact statements either directly or through external consultants. It is relevant for those in all Australian state and territory departments and NZ, but it is not relevant for Commonwealth departments.


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