Communicate for Impact and Influence (SA)

Communicate for Impact and Influence will help you develop the confidence and skills to tell a compelling evidence-based story with the power to influence change in all aspects of working life. This engaging, one-day workshop will be presented by Dr Zina O'Leary.

“We communicate all the time yet we’re often not heard," Dr O'Leary says. "Effective communication happens when we deliver our message in a way that makes people take notice, and even act on what we say. Our unique strengths must shine through.”

Key benefits

The ability to deliver cut-through messages that convince people to act is a highly prized attribute. Communicate for Impact and Influence will help you improve your ability to make things happen.

Dr O'Leary will teach you the importance of understanding audience and their needs, knowing your own objective at the start, and finding the right balance of data and story. You will discover how to create a credible evidence-driven story that takes the audience on a journey, using language that motivates action.

You will also develop the ability to draw on your own unique attributes to deliver persuasive arguments with a convincing presence.

Past participants have said:

  • "This workshop was very valuable – well worth the time. I will recommend it to my staff."
  • "I found Zina supportive, motivating and generous. What a fabulous teacher." 
  • “Zina was an inspiring and encouraging presenter.”

Who should attend?

Communicate for Impact and Influence is relevant to a wide range of roles. Anyone who needs to deliver verbal presentations or present ideas in meetings to make an impact and to influence people will benefit from attending.

Course details

In this one-day course, Dr O’Leary will share best practice communication and presentation strategies to help you to communicate with impact and influence. The program involves discussion, small group work, and individual practice in developing and delivering presentations.

Communicate for Impact and Influence will teach you:

  • the purpose of communication in an information age
  • the key elements of effective communication
  • the effective use of data
  • the power of interweaving evidence and narrative
  • how to understand and target your audience
  • how to develop presence.


$AU 750 (ex GST)


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