Better evidence for better programs

Better evidence for better programs is a 2-day workshop presented by Dr George Argyrous and Dr Zina O'Leary, and will focus on ways that evidence can improve the (re)design of government programs.

By unpacking evidence for current issues and problems, this highly interactive workshop aims to improve participants’ ability to provide oversight and guidance to the way evidence is ‘consumed’ or produced by their teams. It also serves as a way for those team members to learn how to be more critical users of this evidence.

Who should attend

The course is relevant to a range of people in the public sector involved in designing new programs or redesigning existing ones. These people may range from managers who provide oversight to these activities, as well as those involved in the detailed work of assessing program options and features. The workshop will help each of these groups better use evidence to support their role in improving program design.

The course does not presume any background knowledge or analytical skills; we aim to make you critical consumers of the evidence used to develop programs so these can be better targeted and outcome focused.

Key benefits

Participants attending Better evidence for better programs will draw from their current work and apply that to the workshop. Participants in the workshop will learn about:

  • the role of evidence in the development of policy and programs
  • how to use evidence to understand the problem you are trying to solve
  • how evidence can help you choose among broad program options (and reduce the risks of decision making)
  • how evidence can improve detailed program design and how to apply it at different stages of program development
  • assessing the quality of evidence to use and be exposed to new sources of evidence
  • how to best communicate with others about your evidence


$AU 1,650 (inc GST)

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Customised version

This masterclass can be customised to suit the needs of your  department or jurisdiction. To enquire about running this masterclass for your department or jurisdiction, please complete the Tailored learning enquiry form.

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