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Emma Catford

The EFP has given me confidence to challenge areas where I might think that I’m a bit comfortable to see if I can get more out of myself, and more importantly, more out of those that I work with, to deliver better public value to the community.

Emma Catford

Deputy Secretary, Policy & Strategy, COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria

Sylvester Shamy

The networking opportunities the EFP gives you are priceless. If this was any other course I don’t feel I would have got the depth and the breadth of information and participation that I had on the EFP.

Sylvester Shamy

Divisional Manager, Audit and Risk

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade NZ

Alumni community

Students in classroom

The ANZSOG experience extends well beyond the classroom. The national and international networks students gain access to will be invaluable throughout their career. Our Alumni Program helps students maintain and build peer-to-peer relationships, creating a broad community of public sector managers. This provides an opportunity for ongoing learning and support from peers and greater exposure to different perspectives.

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