ANZSOG supports public sector employees to be the best they can be through our world-class education and training.

While business schools teach how to create shareholder value, we teach public sector managers how to create public value.

Working with our government and university partners, we develop and deliver innovative events, courses and educational programs to meet the professional development needs of more than 9000 public sector leaders and employees a year.

Our extensive range of programs spans from the two-year Executive Master of Public Administration, through to high-quality workshops run by academic leaders or senior government and non-government practitioners, and short courses, round tables or other solutions customised to meet the particular needs of an agency or government partner.

As well as developing leaders and building public sector capability, our graduates forge lasting connections with their peers and alumni, building networks of high-level government and non-government leaders that last long after the end of training. These connections reach across departments and jurisdictions and can provide valuable support to public sector managers as they move through their careers.

Find out how we can help enhance your career with a course or event near you.  

Upcoming education and events



Towards Strategic Leadership

Event Date : 29th May - 2nd June 2017
Location : Sydney


Recognising Public Value

Event Date : 30-31st Oct 2017
Location : Melbourne


An Organisational Development Approach to Leading

Event Date : 3rd May 2017
Location : Melbourne


Communicate for Impact and Influence

Event Date : 16-17th May 2017
Location : Wellington


Enhancing and Sustaining Integrity

Location : Australia