"Journey" by Emma Bamblett

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"We talk about partnership, we talk about engagement, but are we really clear on what that means?"

– Lil Anderson - Chief Executive, Te Arawhiti - Office for Māori Crown Relations, NZ, speaking at last year's conference

The need for the public service to rethink the way it relates with First Peoples requires genuine partnerships to transform rhetoric to reality. Building genuine partnerships takes time and will ultimately lead to better outcomes for all.

The Proud Partnerships in Place: 2020 ANZSOG First Peoples’ Public Administration Conference will build on successes we are already seeing across Australia, Aotearoa-New Zealand and internationally. It will also challenge participants to think beyond the way things have always operated, to consider how First Peoples’ knowledge, local community decision-making and new relationships with government and the public purpose sector, can be mobilised to meet the challenges of a changing world.

Governments and First Peoples are working together on treaty, voice, recognition and partnership, to solve local and global challenges. This work constitutes a resetting of relationships and will set a new course for how First Peoples and government agencies work together in the future. The conference will provide an opportunity to examine how local knowledge can address global challenges in the face of increasingly constrained resources, threats to the environment and the disproportionate impact of these events on First Peoples’ communities.

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Banner credits: "Journey" by Emma Bamblett