Professor Ian Anderson AO

The conference brings together experts, public sector leaders and critical Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices, as well as Indigenous perspectives from New Zealand, Canada and the United States. Our line-up of local and international panellists will offer resolution-based ideas from abroad and domestically to help all Australians focus on the question of how we can do better in public administration for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and more widely.


Professor Ian Anderson AO
Inala Cooper
Arapata Hakiwai
Professor Steve Larkin
Geraint Martin
Andrea Mason
Professor Martin Nakata
Professor Aileen Moreton-Robinson
Michelle Patterson
Dr Martin Parkinson AO
Gregory Phillips
Dr Sandra Phillips
Dr George Quezada
Professor Robynne Quiggin
Dr Will Sanders
Professor Chris Sarra
Joy Savage
Dr Julianne Schultz
Professor Juanita Sherwood
Professor Ken Smith
Leila Smith
Brendan Thomas
Professor Maggie Walter
Dr Shawn Wilson