Welcome to the ANZSOG/National regulators community of practice.

The community of practice began as an informal network of Victorian regulators inspired by Harvard Professor Malcolm Sparrow’s ANZSOG workshops.

Buoyed by the strong interest from around Australia, the community of practice has now partnered with ANZSOG and gone national!

We are a genuine community of practice:

  • A community of people from across economic, social and environmental regulation, brought together by our common interest in learning from the best, sharing knowledge and experience and helping each other solve common problems
  • A community run by and for practitioners, so for people  working directly as regulators, with an interest in regulatory policy, or committed to supporting better regulation

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NRCoP provides a great opportunity for you to connect with your fellow regulators across Australia. Give a shout out about a success, seek help with a challenge or recommend some useful research you've found in your travels.

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**Upcoming events**

Building Blocks for Effective Regulation – How can recent recommendations for improving the effectiveness of building regulation inform the regulation of other sectors?

Please join us Wednesday 18 July 2018 at 9.00am for a free, thought provoking seminar on Building Blocks for Effective Regulation that will provide an opportunity for those interested in regulatory practice to hear directly from one of the report authors, network with other regulatory practitioners and be involved in a stimulating and thought-provoking discussion about the work of regulators.

Venue: Level 2 Exhibition Hall, Gordon Stephenson House 
140 William Street, Perth

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One space, many regulators: making the multi regulator model work

Please come along Thursday 26 July 2018 at 12.30pm and engage with two thought provoking case studies and analyses from experts in national consumer law and emergency management, while we consider what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what we can learn about more effective multi regulatory spaces.

Venue: Level 5, Department of Justice and Regulation
121 Exhibition Street, East Melbourne

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