Zina O'Leary

Zina O'Leary
  • Category: Faculty, EMPA Faculty
  • Job Title: Senior Fellow
  • Organisation: ANZSOG
  • State/Region: NSW
  • Country: Australia
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Areas of expertise

  • Evaluation
  • Statistics and decision-making
  • Communication skills

Dr Zina O’Leary is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney specialising in applied research methods, and has been associated with ANZSOG since 2009.

Dr O'Leary holds a PhD from Western Sydney University (methodology and social psychology), a MSc from the University of Wisconsin (social psychology and methodology), and a BA from Rutgers University (Sociology and Psychology). Her area of research expertise is the application of research to evidence-based decision making.

Dr O'Leary’s publications include: Workplace Research: Conducting Small-scale Research in Organizations (2016), The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project, 3rd edn (2016), The Social Science Jargon Buster (2009) and Researching Real World Problems (2005) – all Sage publications. Zina also has extensive experience as a consultant/research coordinator at the Centre for Environmental Health Development – a World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre – where she designed/consulted on projects across the Asia Pacific Region (2002-2010).

Prior to her engagement by the University of Sydney Business School, Dr O'Leary's teaching experience included courses on research methods, evaluation and professional development at the University of Western Sydney (1995-2010), Hong Kong Polytechnic University (1998-2008) and the International Medical University at Kuala Lumpur (2007-2010).

ANZSOG programs

Dr O'Leary teaches in the following ANZSOG courses:

Selected publications
  • O’Leary, Z. (2017) Presentations that Motivate: Inspiring an Audience to Action. London: Sage.

  • O'Leary, Z. (2016) The essential guide to doing your research project, 3rd edn. London: Sage.

  • O'Leary, Z. & Hunt, J. (2016) Workplace Research: Conducting small-scale research in organizations. London: Sage.