Professor Shaun Goldfinch

Professor Shaun Goldfinch headshot
  • Category: Faculty
  • Job Title: ANZSOG WA Government Chair in Public Administration and Policy, Director, John L. Alford Case Library
  • Organisation: ANZSOG and Curtin University
  • Suburb/Town: Perth
  • Country: Australia
  • Phone: 618 9266 1706
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Professor Goldfinch is the ANZSOG WA Government Chair in Public Administration and Policy. This is a position jointly supported by Curtin University, ANZSOG, and the Western Australian government. He is also the Director of the John L. Alford Case Library at ANZSOG.

Professor Goldfinch has held positions at the Universities of Nottingham, Otago and Canterbury, the American University of Sharjah, and the University of the South Pacific, as well as visiting positions in Japan. He has held positions in the New Zealand Government. He has conducted consultancies with governments across the world.

ANZSOG Programs

Professor Goldfinch teaches the following ANZSOG subjects:

  • DPPP
  • WBP

Selected Publications


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  • Goldfinch, S. 2000. Remaking New Zealand and Australian Economic Policy: ideas, institutions and policy communities. Washington DC: Georgetown University Press.

Edited Books

  • Goldfinch, S. and Wallis, J. (eds). 2009. International Handbook of Public Management Reform. London: Edward Elgar.

Selected Refereed Journal Articles

  • Skovoroda, R., S. Goldfinch, K. DeRouen, K.and T. Buck. 2019. ‘The Attraction of FDI To Conflicted States: The Counter-Intuitive Case of U.S. Oil and Gas'. Management International Review 59: 229.
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