ANZSOG is a leading provider of executive-level education for the public sector. We have a deep and genuine care for good public administration, reflecting the aspirations of and our close relationship to our government owners.

At ANZSOG, you will work with talented and dedicated colleagues in our headquarters in Melbourne and in offices in Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney and Wellington. You will:

  • Work with governments at the state and national level in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Engage with leading academics, executives and other practitioners in public administration from around the world.
  • Influence the development of senior public sector practitioners.
  • Work with a group of people committed to excellence in executive education and related activities.

Our values

Our employees have developed a statement that guides our values and behaviour. This reflects how we see ourselves within our organisation and how we empower ourselves and others to embody our values.

 ANZSOG values diagram


We set and pursue high standards and strive to exceed expectations.
We support our people with the resources, training and information they need to be successful in their roles.
We recognise mistakes happen and we treat them as opportunities to learn and improve.


We treat others and expect to be treated with professionalism, courtesy and kindness.
We provide constructive feedback directly to the people involved wherever possible.
We recognise and value the capabilities and contributions of others.
We build others up, not put them down.


We behave in a way that is deserving of others’ trust.
We assume the best of others.
We communicate our intentions clearly and honestly.
We strive to address issues directly, promptly and with humility.


We actively share information and ideas, and seek to be as inclusive as possible.
We seek opportunities to use our skills and capabilities in working together and with others.
We seek to draw on the diversity of people, skills and voices from across the organisation to enhance results.


We create a safe environment where offering ideas is valued and concerns are heard.
We apply our policies and practices consistently, fairly and transparently.


We behave ethically and honestly in all of our activities.
We take responsibility for our performance and behaviour.
We maintain appropriate confidentiality and act with discretion.
We have the courage to uphold what is right.