annual report 2016 17

Annual Reports

ANZSOG's Annual Reports are published as a record of activities and impact over the past financial year. The Report also lists priorities for the next financial year. We continue to build our capacity as a leader in the delivery of quality public sector focused education and research across Australia and New Zealand. 

Annual Report 2016 - 17

'ANZSOG remains in a unique position to tackle the capability needs and leadership challenges faced by public services.' - Professor Ken Smith, Chief Executive Officer and Dean, ANZSOG.

The Annual Report for 2016 - 17 outlines ANZSOG's continuing success in delivering quality courses for the public sector. The publication also looks at ANZSOG's advisory role for government agencies; specifically, its work with the National Disability Insurance Agency to improve efficiency and effectiveness of a key NDIS process.

Past reports

pdf ANZSOG Annual Report 2015 - 16  (2.69 MB)

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ANZSOG Strategy 2015 - 19 

'Citizens expectations are changing: they are expecting better and faster responses from government. Citizens have access to information in quantities and speeds unseen in previous generations: social media and the globalisation of information has created a more informed (and demanding) society. A shorter, sharper media cycle contributes to the way citizens view governments and the way governments respond. Delivering ‘public value’ must occur in this context.'

Find out how we plan to deliver public value in a rapidly changing world in the pdf ANZSOG Strategy 2015 – 19 (255 KB) .