ANZSOG is recognised globally as a leading provider of executive-level education for the public sector. ANZSOG is a not-for-profit organisation created by government for government, with the active collaboration of its member universities. At the core of our ethos is a deep and genuine commitment to good public administration, reflecting the aspirations of and our close relationship to our government owners.

What we currently offer

ANZSOG’s core offerings fit within four broad product streams:

Education programs including the EMPA and EFP, and other short courses (including international programs). These are targeted at different levels of seniority, commencing with those who are approaching or new to executive roles, through to heads of agencies.

Independent discussion forums bringing officials and experts together in various formats to discuss, in a ‘safe’ setting, strategic issues and ‘wicked problems’ and to engage in communities of practice.

Research by our network of scholars, including that commissioned through competitive processes, based on criteria that place a priority on demonstrated utility to government. Hosting seminars and workshops to promote discussion and dissemination of research findings.

Advisory services where ANZSOG or individual faculty are approached by government departments and agencies to undertake consultancies in a range of areas where ANZSOG’s expertise is of benefit.

Each of these streams has seen changes over time in response to various developments and feedback from members.

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ANZSOG Annual Report

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Government partners

ANZSOG has ten government partners that select their most promising public servants to participate in the School’s education programs.

University and business school partners

There are 15 university and business school members that contribute to ANZSOG’s programs and research. Through our partnership with these educational institutions, we are able to attract the best teachers and researchers in Australasia.

Other ANZSOG partnerships

ANZSOG at the Australian National University

An enhanced ANZSOG presence in Canberra at the ANU provides a home in the national capital for the ANZSOG/ANU funded Sir John Bunting Chair in Public Administration, currently occupied by Professor John Wanna, the ANZSOG research program, and associated publication, applied learning and knowledge transfer activities.ANZSOG at ANU is located at Level 1, GJ Yeend Wing, Crawford Building.

OECD Schools of Government Network

ANZSOG is a founding member of the OECD’s Network of Schools of Government. The Network is a world-wide network of schools of government, research and training institutions that serves as a consultative and knowledge body for the work of the OECD Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate.

The Network aims to support countries in securing the long-term sustainability of public sector reforms, and provides a mechanism to address current governance priorities and prepare public servants for effectively addressing current and future priorities, and citizens’ needs.

Australian Policy Online

Policy Online is a research database and alert service providing free access to full text research reports and papers, statistics and other resources essential for public policy development and implementation in Australia and New Zealand.

ANZSOG is a Major Partner of Policy Online and supports the collection of material for the New Zealand Governance & Policy Collection. ANZSOG’s key research is also available from Policy Online.